The organizing committee has sorted common questions and tips for your participation. For more information please e-mail to or call:+8621-62957551

Q:When to move in? When does the show begin?

A:Move in: 11 -12 April 2023 (Tue-Wed)
Show time: 13-15 April 2023 (Thu-Sat)
Move out: 15:00-21:00, 15 April 2023 (Sat)

Q:Where is Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanhai located?

A:Hall W1-W3, Shanghai New International Expo Center
No.2345 Longyang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai

Q:How much does it cost for participate in Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanhai?

A:Please click “Exhibitor Guide” or download contract for space for price quote.

Q: When should I apply for the booth?

A: We recommend you to apply for your booth as soon as possible due to the limitation of hall space. First come, first served. It is best for you to choose your booth location earlier so that there will be promotions and more options.

Q:How can I invite my coustomers to the show?

A:2 Ways to Invite Your Customers
1. Online registration: Invite your customers to register online, click [  ]  and fill in the information. After completing registration, they will receive an exclusive admission code, by which they will collect their visitor badges at registration counter.
2. Wechat invitation: Show management will offer you an exclusive WeChat QR code. You can post the code at your WeChat moments or customers, your clients can register on their mobile phone by presenting this code.

Q:How to manage foreign exhibits’ logistics?

A:Due to the severe animal and plant inspection and quarantine policy of flower industry, all of the oversea exhibits must be transported by appointed freight forwarder. After show ends, all of the Customs supervised exhibits must be transported back or destructed. For details please check Exhibitor Manual.

Q:How do we order electricity, water and furniture rental?

A:If your booth is raw space, you are welcome to choose your own contractor to construct your booth, or just ask the official stand contractor to take care of your booth. However, all the electricity and water application should be confirmed by official stand contractor of Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai. For detail please refer to Exhibitor Manual.

Q:We have a budget, but we still wish to have more publicity on the show, how can we manage that?

A:In order to stimulate industrial development, show management welcomes all kinds of sponsor. For example: a number of flowers/plants, tote bags, flower materials, structures, horticultural materials. Please send email to Shanghai Intex Exhibition for more detail. Show management will help you with an exclusive corporate publicity programmes with an appropriate budget.

Q:Can I bring my children to the show?

A:Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai is a professional trade show among industrial peers, it is open for professional attendees only. If you are an exhibitor, please make sure your children are well looked after by assigned person during the fair.



Garden Machinery & Tools, Nursery Stock, Grass Seed, Landscape Materials & Pieces, Garden Furniture, Waterscape, Vertical Greening, Agritourism,Cut Flowers & Leaf, Succulent Plant, Floriculture Materials, Florist Materials, Flower Logistic, Flower Arrangement Show



Greenhouse Facilities & Materials, Tissue Culture, Irrigation System, Internet of Agricultural Things, Agricultural Finance



Bulbs, Seeds, Seedlings, Pot Plants, Ornamental Plants, Home Garden, Artificial Plants, Horticultural Materials, Fertilizer, Nutrient Solution, Substrate, Pots, Biological Control