Professional forums

Note: All the fringe programs are subject to change without prior notice.

Floricultural Landscaping Forum - Floriculture Landscaping Practice and Future Development

Time:13:30-16:00, 13th April
Venue:Meeting Room W2-M9
Manager by:Modern Landscape Architecture
Manager by: Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd

Floriculture Landscaping Practice and Future Development in ChinaCheng Haizhong
Vice President of Chinese Society of Flower Bulbs and Herbaceous Perennials
Chairman of Flower Border Expert Committee
Vice President of Flower Landscape Branch of China Flower Association
Professor of Suzhou Agricultural Vocational and Technical College
High Quality Plants and its Application in Floriculture Landscaping Project Wu Zhiyin
Committee Member of Flower Border Expert Committee
Chinese Society of Flower Bulbs and Herbaceous Perennials
General Manager of Shanghai Hengyi Landscape Co. Ltd
Professional Florist

Greenhouse Horticulture Forum - New Products and Technologies of Greenhouse Horticulture

Time:13:30-16:00, 13th April
Venue:Meeting Room W3-M10
Manager by:Beijing Huinong Information Consulting Co Ltd
Manager by:Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd
Supported by: China Agricultural Mechanization Association Protected Agriculture Sub-Association

AGV Intelligent Transportation SystemZhou Tao, Marketing Director
Beijing Huanong Agricultural Engineering Technology Co Ltd
Svensson Innovative Solutions Help Grower Achieve Sustainable GrowingZhang Yi, General Manager
Shanghai Ludvig Svensson Horti-Equip Co Ltd
Fertilizer Selection and Application in Crop NutritionDing Richard, Vice Managing Director
Shanghai Wintong Ecological Engineering Co Ltd
Innovative Dutch Solution for Hydroponic GrowingXu Junyi, Representative of Meteor Systems China
Meteor Systems
Achievement and Trends of Innovation in the European Substrate IndustryGu Shiyu, Technical Advisory
Klasmann-Deilmann China

China & Netherlands Horticultural Forum - Innovative Digital Agriculture Accelerate the Sustainable Agricultural Development

Time:14:00-16:30, 13th April
Venue:Meeting Room W1-M1
Manager by:Agricultural Department of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Manager by:Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai
Manager by:Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd

Moderator:Ang Li

OpeningMr. Wouter Verhey, Agricultural Counsellor
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Representative from the International Coopertaion Department of the Shanghai Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Commission
Keynote Speech on Green Development of Modern Urban Agriculture and Upgrading of Existing Facility in Protected Agriculture.Experts from the Shanghai Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Commission (To be confirmed)
Application of Digital Energy Management in Greenhouse Mr. Tang Tong, Account Manager
Smart Farming: Harnessing the Power of Digitalization for Sustainable Greenhouse ProductionMs. Ke Cai
Mr. Fulco Wijdooge, General Manager
Ridder China
High-tech Greenhouse can be a Solution for Challenging Growing ConditionRepresentative of the Protected Agriculture Industry from the Netherlands
The Importance of Labour Training and Efficient Management in High-tech Greenhouse.Mr. Yunian Hong, Liaison in China.
NL Protected Agriculture Alliance(To be confirmed)

Florist Forum - Involute Market, Headstrong Mind- Analysis Operational Trending of Entities Set Flower Shop in 2023

Time:10:00-12:00, 14th April
Venue:Meeting Room W3-M10
Manager by:Flower Escort (Shanghai) Gardening Services Co Ltd
Manager by:Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd
Summary:Use macroscopic perspective and microcosmic case study with practical operational data discussing entities set flower shop operation and transformation in different cities.

Greenhouse Horticulture Forum - ``Reduce Energy Consumption and Improve Quality`` Commercial Greenhouse Design and Operation Management Symposium

Time:13:30-16:30, 14th April
Venue:Meeting Room W3-M10
Manager by:Richland Sources
Manager by:Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd

Integrated Innovation and Application of Low-carbon Energy-saving TechnologyLi Xiugang, Vice general Manager/ Senior Engineer
Beijing Kingpeng International Hi-Tech Corporation
Automation Facilities Help Production and Efficiency of Facility AgricultureCai Furong, Regional Director
Shanghai Nonsheng Modern Agri-Tech Co Ltd
Digital Agriculture Helps High Benefit Flower ProductionZheng Kai, Senior Consultant
Richland Sources
Research on Comprehensive Utilization of Productive Greenhouse Energy under the Dual-Carbon TargetDai Jinlei, Senior Consultant
Richland Sources
Improve Quality with Lower Input and Energy CostCao Guiqin, ICL Technical Manager
A New Generation of Greenhouse Automatic Control System Centered on Growers: Customized, Highly Reliable, and Intelligent EvolutionLeng Hongjie, General Manager
Beijing XinTianBi Agricultural Facilities Engineering Technology Co Ltd
Study on the Cooling of Greenhouse in SummerFang Shirong, Greenhouse Industry Manager
Munters Air Treatment Equipment (Beijing) Co Ltd
Fringe Programs

Pressed Flower - When there are flowers, there is love.

Time:13th-15th April
Manager by:Shanghai Chunhua Qiushi Flower Art Studio
Manager by:Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co
Summary:Series of public benefits activities aim to let children learn about pressed flowers, feel the charm of natural art while touching plants and enhance the cultural identity by dressed in Chinese traditional Hanfu. Nearly 200 children’s pressed flower art work from more than 10 cities across the country will be displayed on site. Participants can participate in pressed flower bookmarks by themselves in the interactive area, and complete art frames together under the guidance of professionals to donate to Shanghai Changning District Special Vocational and Technical School.

Themed Garden - Swinging Garden

Time:13th-15th April
Manager by:Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd

SummaryWhile flower and plants are being increasingly recognized, accepted and integrated in daily life, people not only feel its beauty, utility and artistic conception visually, but also awaken the hope of life in the heart by get in close touch with nature through the understanding of flowers and plants.

This year’s theme garden: “Swinging Garden” aims to present a garden different from the traditional concept through the integration of modern technology and flowers. It is a swinging garden. Those swinging elements are not only just flowers, but also the love and hope in our hearts, that is always passionate and hopeful after being through the three-year-pandemics.

There is love, there is hope, there is a swinging garden in our heart.

Flower Arrangement Show - Where flowers bloom, so does hope.

Time:13th-15th April
Venue:Between Gate 3/4 of Hall W1
Manager by:Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd
Manager by:CNfloral

13th April10:30-12:30
Future-Oriention in Design of Chinese Flower ArrangementYihuadao: Wan Hong
Modern Aesthetics of Flower Shop Product DesignShi Lu
14:40-16:40Free-spiritedness of Japanese Flower Show in Sogetsu MORI HIROSHI (Japan)
14th April10:00-11:30Ohara Japanese Flower ShowHangzhou Branch of Xiao Yuanliu: Deng Jingxiang
Light Structure Flower Design, Making Design InfiniteWang Jing
Chemistry between Floriculture and BalloonLi Xiao Yan
BonBon Florist
15:50-16:50The Development and Future of Luxury Brand Flower ArtZhang Jie
15th April10:00-11:00Ikenobo Japanese Flower Show
Shanghai Cloral Society: Yu Xiaorui
11:10-12:10Zhong Hua Ren Wen Flower ShowWang Guozhong ((China"s Taiwan Region)

Floricultural Landscaping Area

Manager by:Modern Landscape Architecture
Manager by:Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd


Venue: W2B07
Constructed by: Haining Chifan Flower Garden

Sketch: Warm breeze, Flower branches sway. The natural and wild garden brings a free atmosphere. The design follows the concept of ecology and low carbon, selecting a variety of ornamental grasses and bulbous plant, perennial plant to combine, presenting the color and texture of different plant groups, creating natural wild interest and romantic landscape space in the wilderness, making nature a natural thing.


Venue: W2B143
Constructed by: Shanghai linxuan horticulture ltd

Sketch: The interlacing branches of the maple trees filter the sunlight and project beautiful patterns of light and shadow in the woods. The swaying tree shadows accompany me along the fragrant grass and tree-lined path until I reach the campfire. As I throw a rose into the flames, a romantic atmosphere is created. Behind me, the intertwined shadows of the southern and brown bamboo create a natural ambience. The simplicity of life under the sky is within reach, allowing me to sit and peacefully wait for time to pass. In this limitless space, I greet life with a simple ‘hello’.

Winding Flower Path of the Heart's Melody

Venue: W2C18
Constructed by: Suzhou Mantingfang Landscape Engineering Co. LTD

Sketch: The winding flower path is like a road to the heart, allowing people to enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time, but also imperceptibly relax, into the nature. Perennial flowers such as Verbena bonariensis L, Salvia ‘Mystic Spires Blue, Salvia nemorosa ‘April Night’, Nassellatenuissima(Trin.) Barkworth, Stachys lanata Jacq, Leucanthemum maximum (Ramood) DC are adopted by natural and mixed planting techniques to create an ecological, natural and pleasant atmosphere. Let’s walk into the heart song flower path together, feel the beautification of the flower landscape, enjoy the heart pleasure, relaxed good moment.

Rubik's Cube Garden

Venue: W2C130
Constructed by: Shanghai Heng Yi Lands Caping Co. LTD

Sketch: Magic cube, which is magic, fascinating, variant, mysterious, not only carries the concepts of space design but also bears the meaning of opening the door to new world. Different yields are used to carry different plants. Combine them into a small garden full of fun, display the diversity and mystery of plants, and bring feelings of pleasure. The “flower landscaping” mainly adopts elegant and mysterious blue tones, adds splashes of orange-yellow and pink. Main plant species are lily, evergreen iris, sage ‘Caradona’, purple-flowered cherry, kidney fern, golden-leaf calamus, Chinese sedum and so on.


Hall W2 – Meeting Room M2
13th April14:00-16:00
Technical Exchange Meeting on the New System of Energy-saving Insulation and Dehumidification with Cooling for Multi-span GreenhouseBEIJING FENGLONG HITECH Co Ltd
Hall W3 – Meeting Room M5
14th April10:00-12:00
Dahan New Varietyt and Product Promotion ConferenceShanghai Dahan Landscape Technology Co Ltd
14:00-16:00Professional Propagation is the First Step of Hydroponic GrowingAgriplus Co Ltd