Q: Why do you differ professional day and public day?

A: The show lasts three days. First two days (13th-14th Apr.) are for professional visitors, the last day (15th Apr.) is for publics. In order to provide a good environment for trade and business communication, no sales, events, competitions, promotions are allowed in the first two days. If you are consumer or horticulture lovers, we suggest you to visit on public day.

Q: Where is the venue? How can I get there?

A: The show takes place in Hall W1-W3, Shanghai New International Expo Center. (No.2345 Longyang Road). Visit “Travel & Accommodation” for detail.

Q: Do we need to pay for visiting the show?

A: The show is free for visit. Register at “Audience Pre-registration” and get your personal barcode, collect your visitor badge on site by presenting this barcode.

Q: How about accommodation?

A: The organizing committee has sorted some hotel services for you, for detail please visit “Travel & Accommodation”.

Q: Can I borrow my children?

  1. Exhibitors are strictly forbidden to bring minors (under 16 years old ) to this trade exhibition.
  2. For minors ( under 16 years old ) to visit the show, the guardian must register with their ID in advance, sign the commitment letter, and be fully responsible for their safety.
Exhibits Profile


Garden Machinery & Tools, Nursery Stock, Grass Seed, Landscape Materials & Pieces, Garden Furniture, Waterscape, Vertical Greening, Agritourism,Cut Flowers & Leaf, Succulent Plant, Floriculture Materials, Florist Materials, Flower Logistic, Flower Arrangement Show



Greenhouse Facilities & Materials, Tissue Culture, Irrigation System, Internet of Agricultural Things, Agricultural Finance



Bulbs, Seeds, Seedlings, Pot Plants, Ornamental Plants, Home Garden, Artificial Plants, Horticultural Materials, Fertilizer, Nutrient Solution, Substrate, Pots, Biological Control